About weho.st

weho.st is a collaborative community focused on providing internet services in a non profit manner.

We provide a number of public services which are subsidised by users of our cloud and vpn services.

  • We think that you should not be the product
  • We think that you should know who can access your data and why
  • We have no online signup form, to join us you need to be initiated into the web of trust

weho.st emerged from the admins hosting their own services and wanting to share them with others.

The main idea is to have a trusted host for your data, someone you have met and who will answer any questions you may have about the service. For this reason our contributor services require meeting the administrators offline to create the network of trust.

We also offer some public services, generously funded by our contributors. This allows others to use the weho.st platform for things like Matrix, Mastodon and Cryptpad.

Contributions are annual on a pay-as-you-wish basis. Contributors receive access to all the LDAP services and an amount of storage relative to their contribution. (This is currently 1euro per gb per year).

These contributions are what keeps our servers up and running. Hosting costs, broken hardware replacements and upgrades are all covered by income from our contributors.

We are very thankful to our wonderful contributors for keeping weho.st up and running!

Some more information is available in our FAQ or contact us using the form below.

Join us now and share the freedom

Our free services are possible due to the generosity of our users. Becoming a contributor gives you access to a wider range of services.
We dont think the users should be the product. We think you should know who has access to your data and why. Meet us and find out more.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands