Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked:

  • What is weho.st?
    weho.st is a non-profit internet service provider. We aim to provide public and private internet services to our users.
  • How is weho.st funded?
    weho.st is funded entirely by donations from our users. Contributing gives access to some extra services like email and cloud.
  • How much do the extra services cost?
    All our extra services are priced on a pay-as-you wish basis. Contribute what you can afford on an annual basis.
  • Who are the administrators of weho.st?
    Current administrators of weho.st are realitygaps, mattronix and edef.
  • Where is weho.st hosted?
    Our servers are currently in DCG datacenter in Amsterdam, hosted by coloclue.nl
  • How can I get an account?
    Signup on our public services is open, for the additional contributor services you'll need to meet the admins.
  • Where can I find the code?
    We use Free and Open Source software. Our ansible playbooks are also available at https://git.weho.st/weho.st
  • How can I contact weho.st?
    Use our matrix room https://webchat.weho.st/#/room/#wehost:chat.weho.st or mail us at hello AT weho DOT st

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